About Thursdays Heather

I have been penning journals over a span of more than three decades, choosing old fashioned ink to paper. Having chanced upon piles of dusty old leather-bound books full of handwritten memories, black and white photographs and pressed flowers, I was quite wary to peruse what my past self believed so important as to enter notations onto their pages.

What I discovered were random glimpses into my journey through life, my personal growth of understanding was quite evident as I read onward. In each entry, I found small pieces of myself that were past recollection (unwittingly or deliberately) or that had been deemed to have been forfeited for all time. I (finally) chose to start a blog in 2020, to share my personal experiences, thoughts and ideas, as well as learning curves and enlightenment on life thus far. Every word that is written within is actual truth-there is no need for fiction. My hope is that at least one person can identify with some part of my story, no matter how small the similarities be. That would be enough.

I have four passions in life: my bold and unshakeable faith, the acquisition of knowledge, natural surroundings and mountain climbing, and the last remaining passion can be discovered within the paragraphs of my posts. This is not a “showcase home” nor a photo album of the best and over edited images to make my life look beautiful and seemingly perfect. If that is what you are looking for, you will be sadly disappointed. I do not own any such tinted glasses, nor desire to. My words are my truth, and truth is inevitably less than desirable. Life can be a beautiful and elegant dance, and yet, can be disturbing and downright ugly at the same time. This is my true chronicle of peaks and valleys.

I have come to the realisation that even moments of everyday, ordinary life as we go about our business, have sparks of the extraordinary waiting to be recognised. From a one line sentence journal entry dated sometime in 1986 to a six page entry circa 2016, I have found a certain vulnerability and an ever evolving perception within myself. The essence of life is my muse. I invite you to be, in effect, my companion through the ever winding path of human existence.

I stated earlier that I had finally decided to share my truth. I used this term with intent, be it for the reason that it has taken me more than three decades to accept the very idea that my story matters.

In short:

Composing my thoughts and perceptions of everyday life and the emotional pathways it inevitably carves through me. My stories are written from personal experiences, both past and present. I pen my impassioned truth, lending my own perspective to the most incredible journey each and every one of us is travelling, no matter what stage that may be. Life is my muse.